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Men will not get it will they? For some reason they shun the very foods that can help them live longer. More so than women and despite the fact many studies show eating a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables can protect you from all sorts of cancers. Not to mention they are good overall preservers of your health.

So the most easy of mens health tips to apply is to simply eat more fruits. Eat more vegetables. How hard can that be?

Especially since theye all beneficial. Whether you eat replica watches rolex swiss movement frozen, canned, dried or fresh. It all good and all good for you.

To help you here are some proven mens health tips that can help you eat healthier.

For starters, these colorful foods are loaded with disease fighters. Each fruit or veggie is packed with it own special blend of minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Could you stand to lose a few? As theye high in fiber while low in calories and fat, fruits and vegetables help you control your weight. Besides being mostly water they give you a feeling of fullness to help you eat less.

While there is no specific fruits or veggies to eat that reduces your cancer risk completely, studies have proven that eating a variety of them daily limits the overall risk.

Another easy way to get more fruit into your diet is to kick start the day with a fruit smoothie. Tropical fruits like pineapple or kiwi add vitamins, blend easily, and give you an easy way to work in a couple more varieties into your diet. Plus they can jumpstart your morning in a flavorful way.

Least I forget in this list of mens health tips, wee talking just nine servings a day. Sadly is only 4% of men manage to do that. 4%! Which is pitiful.

But here how you can easily do it!

For one drink a V8.

What about apple sauce?

Snack on raisins or celery sticks with a dab of peanut butter.

Vegetable soup.

Stick extra leaf lettuce on your sandwich.

While watching TV eat a grapefruit, apple or munch on a handful of baby carrots.

Frozen grapes are great too. Whole or cut in half. Those or frozen berries you can pop in your mouth instead of potato chips. But like chips you can eat just one.

If cost is a worry buy what in season. Or buy locally grown at a farmer market. Or buy frozen on sale.

Anything frozen is just as loaded with nutrition. You lose nothing by freezing.

So see? It easy to give your body what it needs to lower your disease risk.

Bottom line almost half of what you eat should be something picked from a plant. Yes, half! If you pick up nothing else from this list of mens health tips and eating - pick up that. You must eat more fruits and vegetables starting today.

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